Rules & Eligibility

The Bellevue Hospital Foundation is a 501 c (3) entity, and assists The Bellevue Hospital with the expansion of community health services through education and community participation. Funds obtained through this raffle will assist the Foundation in meeting this mission.

1. ELIGIBILITY Each entrant, by entering the Raffle, agrees to abide by all of the rules and conditions contained herein, as well as all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations, and further agrees to release The Bellevue Hospital Foundation and The Bellevue Hospital and its directors, officers, agents and employees from any and all liability with respect to all aspects of the Raffle including, but not limited to, the selection process. The Raffle is open to any eligible person residing in a country or state where the Raffle is not prohibited. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older.

2. CERTIFICATE PURCHASE The cost to purchase a single entry ("Certificate") for the Raffle is $100 (U.S. Funds only) and is not tax deductible. Any entrant may purchase more than one Certificate. An entrant may enter the Raffle by purchasing a Certificate over the Internet from our secure website located at, or calling 800-850-5528 or 419-484-5950, or by mail to The Bellevue Hospital Foundation, 1400 West Main Street, PO Box 8004, Bellevue, OH 44811. Certificate payment can be made with Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express, cash, check or money order. If an entrant's payment is dishonored by the bank for any reason, such entrant's Certificate will be declared invalid unless full and satisfactory payment is made prior to the Raffle drawing. Completed entry certificate forms must be in the possession of The Bellevue Hospital Foundation by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, July 19, 2024, or before 2,024 valid Certificates are sold. All certificate forms will be handled and recorded on a first come, first served basis. Any certificate forms and payments (including payments previously dishonored) received after closure of the Raffle will be returned to the entrant. Upon receipt of a completed registration form and valid payment, a Certificate with assigned drawing number will be issued. The Certificate shall be mailed to the entrant.

3. GRAND PRIZE The Grand Prize is the Grand Prize winner's choice of a new base model Chevrolet Corvette (based on availability) AND $40,000 OR a $100,000 Cash Prize. The base model includes standard features only as designated by Chevrolet. Winner will choose the color of the Corvette from the selection and based on availability of colors offered by Chevrolet. Options may be added at winner's sole expense. Pricing for options will be provided by the dealership, which is identified by The Bellevue Hospital Foundation. The winner must negotiate directly with the dealership for any and all options desired. The Bellevue Hospital Foundation will not act as agent on behalf of the winner in ordering the vehicle with or without options.

If the vehicle prize option is chosen, the base price of $69,995 will be issued to the dealership identified by The Bellevue Hospital Foundation. The Grand Prize winner must take delivery of the vehicle at a dealership designated by The Bellevue Hospital Foundation. The winner, at his or her sole expense, may choose to have the vehicle shipped to another location for final delivery. The winner is responsible for making any and all such arrangements. The Bellevue Hospital Foundation or The Bellevue Hospital will not act as agent on behalf of the winner in arranging final transportation. Timing of the delivery of the vehicle is at the discretion of designated dealership. Given that this model will be in high demand, delivery time of the vehicle is subject to availability. 

All prize winners are responsible for all costs associated with title, registration, licensing, delivery and other applicable fees associated with their respective prizes, as well as for all local, state and federal taxes, including, but not limited to, all luxury, special and income taxes that may be applicable. Winners will be required to provide The Bellevue Hospital Foundation with a valid Social Security number and must complete all IRS and similar forms requested by The Bellevue Hospital Foundation prior to delivery of their prize. Failure to do so within thirty (30) days of request shall result in an automatic forfeiture of such winner's prize. 

Subsequent cash money prizes will be awarded July 24, 2024, in the following monetary increments.

2nd place: $2,024       3rd place: $1,917       4th place: $1,500       5th place: $1,000

4. BONUS DRAWINGS A total of four Early Bird Drawings will be held totaling $4,165 in prize money. The $1,917 Loyalty Club Drawing in May is only open to past corvette raffle registrants. The $500 drawing in May is only open to new Corvette raffle registrants. May and June's bonus drawings will be open to all raffle registrants. Certificates for each Bonus Drawing must be received by midnight the day before the actual drawing. Drawing of Bonus Certificates is not open to the public and will be held at The Bellevue Hospital. Each drawing will occur at noon on the day listed. If that date is on a weekend the winner will be chosen the next business day. The winner will be notified by phone, e-mail or by mail based on the information received on the Certificate. The following are the dates and cash prize amounts.

May 1- $1,917       May 1 - $500       May 24 - $1,000       June 24 - $750 

Loyalty Club and Bonus Drawing winners are eligible for all other drawings, the Grand Prize Drawing and subsequent cash money prizes.

5. WINNING CHANCES A maximum of 2,024 Certificates will be sold. Each Certificate represents one chance to win. You may enter as many times as you like. Chances of winning a prize depend on the number of eligible Certificates sold. For the Grand Prize, if 2,024 certificates are sold, your chance of winning the grand prize is 1 in 2,024.

6. DRAWINGS Winners will be determined by random drawings of all the eligible Certificates received by the entry deadlines. Winners need not be present to win. Drawing for the Grand Prize and subsequent cash money prizes will be held at 3:30 p.m. on July 24, 2024 at Green Hill Golf Course, located at 1959 S. Main St., Clyde, OH 43410.

7. MODIFICATION OR CANCELLATION OF DRAWING The Bellevue Hospital Foundation reserves the right to cancel or modify the Raffle. If 1,400 certificates are not sold by 10:00 a.m. on July 24, 2024, The Bellevue Hospital Foundation has the option, to modify the Raffle by withdrawing the Grand Prize and splitting the remaining net proceeds (income less expenses) equally between the Grand Prize winner and The Bellevue Hospital Foundation or extending the sales deadline to meet the minimum number of certificates sold. If all available certificates are sold before the scheduled Grand Prize drawing date (i.e., The Bellevue Hospital Foundation has determined that the raffle is "sold out"), The Bellevue Hospital Foundation reserves the right to end the raffle early and draw the Grand Prize and all remaining prizes, at a date earlier than the scheduled final drawing date (this puts the winnings in the hands of winners sooner).

8. WINNERS Winners will be notified by phone, e-mail or by mail based on the information received on the Certificate. Names of winners will be released to media, available at The Bellevue Hospital, and listed on The Bellevue Hospital's websites and social media accounts. Winning entrants agree to allow The Bellevue Hospital Foundation to use their names, likeness, and any statements made by them regarding the prize for advertising or publicity purposes without compensation. Winners may be required to complete and return an affidavit of eligibility and liability release. Failure to do so if requested or if one otherwise fails to comply by these rules and/or to make arrangements to claim his or her prize within thirty (30) days of notification will void that entry. 

9. AWARDING OF PRIZES More than one name may be listed on a Certificate, but the first name listed shall be deemed to be the entrant. Upon notification of winnings the winner will provide a Social Security number, and it must be that of the entrant. Delivery or payment of any prize shall be made solely to the entrant or entrant's estate. It is the sole responsibility of the entrant in a multiple party entry to allocate any such prize among the participants in a multiple party entry. 

10. AUTHORITY AND CONTROL The decision of The Bellevue Hospital Foundation shall be final in all matters concerning the Raffle. The Raffle is subject to the laws of the State of Ohio. Void where prohibited by law. 

11. OVERSIGHT The Grand Prize Car/Cash Raffle drawing is officiated by Cook, Smith & Company CPA's, LLC who also provide verification of eligible participants for the drawing and are located at 1355 W. Main St., Bellevue, OH 44811.

12. VEHICLE Base Model Chevrolet Corvette with standard options only, as noted in Section 3 above. "Corvette" is a registered trademark of Chevrolet.

13. DEALERSHIP DESIGNATE The Bellevue Hospital Foundation designates the delivery of the Car Grand Prize option to Steinle Chevrolet-Buick at 1014 E. McPherson Hwy., Clyde, OH 43410.